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Break Through the Noise & Reach New Customers – Casey Lawrence Interview

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As every business owner knows, digital marketing is key to their long-term success. However, Casey Lawrence, founder of The Junk Coach, still encourages tried and true methods that will never go out of style.

In my recent interview with Casey, we discuss how to break through the noise in marketing to reach new customers. Beginning in his family-run franchise operation 8 years ago, Casey was able to build it into a 7- figure business using the underrated, but clearly successful methods he says others are less likely to use. Casey now coaches other business owners to reach similar success.

As a business owner, you must start with a plan, figure out what your brand is, know why people should care about you, and think like a marketer. It’s a lot, but that is what’s required to rise above the competition. Casey advises business owners that when it comes to gaining the traction you need to stay around for the long haul, there are few things more important than getting creative with your marketing and being consistent. This is true for any business, not just ones that operate in niche markets like junk removal.

“You have to use whatever angle you have to your advantage. In my business, I found two things people wanted and used that to my benefit. People wanted to talk to the owner, and they wanted to talk to the veteran. I’m both,” said Casey.

“If you gave your life for a period of time to the military, why not use it to your advantage? There are some people that are afraid to use that for some reason. I’m proud that we’re veteran owned. People want to thank me for serving my country.” There’s nothing wrong with that detail being the deciding factor for a customer to choose your business over another.

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Maximize Every Opportunity

Having a digital presence is necessary, but it’s only one piece of the marketing “pie”. If you are only exploring online methods for leads, you can spend a lot of money fast and still miss out on other important avenues for marketing.

Figure out how to put your brand in front of customers where they will see it more often. People need to see a brand multiple times before they are willing to buy. Place your marketing where your audience is. Get out into your community and find out where your target customers hang out, shop, or go to eat.

Know Your Local Area.

Just because you can work everywhere, doesn’t mean you should. The franchise required Casey to stay within a certain geographical range, which forced him to have to figure out the best way to grow. Marketing to your local area can often be less expensive than the broader reach you’ll find advertising with online platforms. Community events can be a successful avenue for marketing.

“In the summertime, there was a huge dog event people that would bring their dogs to at the park. That was a great opportunity for us. We passed out those little poop bag holders with our logo on them and talked to people. You’re not selling anybody you’re just informing them of what you’re doing and giving them something they’re going to use. Every time they use it, they’re going to think of your business.”

Leverage Your Employees

Another creative method for lead generation is leveraging your employees as Casey did. “I would tell my crew if they brought a job in for us they would get $15 or $20. It’s just a cherry on top, but it got them motivated. We also had competitions for whoever got the most personal reviews. At the end of the month, whoever had the most points won.” Both initiatives cost a company very little in time and money at the forefront but can have a huge positive impact on its company culture, online presence, and bottom line.


Don’t forget about in-person networking! The best kind of connection is personal; pick up the phone, meet up for coffee, talk with business owners about their needs and nurture a relationship. The connection may not result in business immediately, but you never know where that established relationship will lead.

Creative marketing and connecting with people takes time, but keep at it. Consistency is the most underrated tool that will help your business go far. What you do now will reflect on your future business. Casey says, “If you’re out there meeting with others, guiding them and collaborating, in the future I promise you it will pan out.”

To expand your reach and get your name in front of more potential customers, you need to explore all the different avenues your business has access to. We covered some creative ways that will give you an advantage over other businesses that are not implementing these methods. For more creative ideas on how to get more leads and sales for your local business, check out the Blue Crocus YouTube channel.

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