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"The Blue Crocus Experience" is focused on highlighting other businesses, business owners, and anyone who is crushing it in their space.

Learn from top performers in their industry along with Lewis Vandervalk of Blue Crocus Solutions by tuning into our podcast, The Blue Crocus Experience. Lewis is passionate about learning as much as he can from other entrepreneurs who are crushing it, especially paving, tree services, concrete work, fence, and deck companies. He shares this experience with you through this podcast.

The Blue Crocus Experience is a strong contender for “best-produced podcast on a budget” on the internet (this is a term I made up, but come on, you gotta give it to us). These are real, raw, unedited conversations with business owners, mostly conducted over Zoom calls. The goal is to have as many people as possible able to learn and glean valuable tips, tricks, and words of wisdom and apply them in your business. Dive on in. Don't forget to leave a comment, like, subscribe, and review if you love the podcast.

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Being a guest on a business-focused podcast like ours is a powerful way to demonstrate authority, share your expertise, build trust, and get your business in front of more people.

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