Referral Partners for Your Junk Removal Business = FREE LEADS

Who is Lewis, and why should you even listen to him?

I’m glad you asked. Too many silly people on the internet to listen to all of them. I own Blue Crocus Solutions, an agency that does Logos, SEO, and Websites. We work monthly with over 40 junk removal clients and have built websites for over 100 junk removal companies since 2019 (and over 300 websites in other industries). See some reviews of clients on YouTube. I also co-founded a junk removal company in 2019 and personally developed and implemented the marketing that took it to $15k/mo in 4 months.

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In this article (which ended up being longer than expected), I am going to go through a list of industries that can be a phenomenal source of leads that you KEEP getting clients from, without having to pay for leads. Don’t hold back on your digital marketing, but do NOT leave out your referral partners. 

If you don’t want to read the whole article but want to get right to the list, you can ClICK HERE to get right to the meat and potatoes.

Are Referral networks worth the investment of time? 

Think of it this way: 

From a sales perspective, when someone in your circle recommends you, your value in the eyes of the customer is already higher. 75% of the sales work is done. 

The person doing the referral did the hard work of building trust and authority. Now, they are extending that goodwill to you. Instead of dealing with a “cold” meeting with a stranger, you are meeting with a potential client who is already 90% sold on your expertise and skills to complete the job. 

In fact: 

Where do You Start?

The basics first. You need a professional and reliable business that makes your referral partner’s life easier and makes them look good. The way you make your clients feel is a direct reflection of your referral partner’s character. Don’t blow it.

A few tips for making your referral partner (and YOU) look good: 

  • Get branded uniforms, trucks, and trailers. 
  • Pick up the phone quickly or call people right back,
  • follow up on proposals
  • Surprise and delight your customers with small value adds to make them raving fans. 

Once you can do these things, it’s time to start connecting with your partners. Each partner is going to have slightly different needs that REALY help them or their clients, so come up with an offer that solves the pain points of the customer your referral partner wants to reach. Make this clear when you reach out to a potential partner.

Who Should You Include in Your Referral Network?

Below is a list of referral partners in industries we have used, or clients of ours have used to build their junk removal business. Down below, I go into details of why each particular industry makes a good referral partner, and how to position your value with them.  

This is the most important part. It is not a “HEY I’M HERE, GIVE ME JOBS”. 

You are positioning your company as a solution to potential issues they might run into, and a solution when they need a job done well, quickly, and in a pinch. 

Pro Tip: Even if someone already has a partner they refer jobs to currently, stay in touch. You would be surprised how many “trusty” partners flake out, giving you a chance to come in and save the day.

Alright, here we go. Here’s the list.

Let me know if you have other ideas to add to the list. I want this to be comprehensive and help as many people as possible. 

  1. Realtors
  2. Property Managers
  3. Your “Competition”
  4. Storage Unit Companies
  5. Shed Builders
  6. Hot Tub Companies
  7. Contractors and Home Service Companies
    1. HVAC and Plumbing companies 
    2. Roofers
    3. Kitchen and Bathroom Contractors/Demo Companies
    4. Restoration Companies
  8. Probate & Estate Lawyers
  9. Estate Sale Companies 
  10. Event planners and Local event venues 
  11. Moving Companies 
  12. Cleaning Companies & Janitorial Services
  13. Networking groups
  14. Facebook groups
  15. Waste Management Companies
  16. Landscapers and Tree Companies
  17. Office Space Providers
  18. Power Washing Companies
  19. House Flippers
  20. Home Staging companies
  21. Furniture Stores & Other Box Stores



Realtors always come up in conversations about referral partners, for good reason. They have sellers needing solutions and buyers wanting new properties cleaned up before they move in.  The more resources a realtor has to offer their clients, the greater their authority, and you can become a critical part in this realtor/home-buyer dynamic. 

Think about it – who does the new home buyer ask for referrals for stuff that needs to be done to their new home? Their realtor. New homebuyers and previous clients will call their realtor for referrals on:

  • Getting the house cleaned up before listing
  • Cleaning out an old shed in a house they just bought
  • Who to call for tearing out an old deck, shed, or bathroom

It can be a two-way street as well – as you do jobs, you could refer clients to a realtor if they are looking for one. Sometimes you can even work out a deal with a realtor to get a kickback.

Pro Tip 1:  At Integrity Junk, we got some local real estate agents to put our flyers and business cards in their welcome packs when a clients closed on a home. 

How Do I Find Realtors?

Pro Tip 2: I went into the local Facebook community groups and made a post as simple as “Tag your favorite realtor below, working on a cool project, and need awesome people to help out” – I got over 120 realtors tagged on a single post, and then I could sort through who was tagged the most, knowing those were who I wanted to work with and reach out to.

Pro Tip 3: You can also check out (and swipe) the email script we use for connecting with Realtors  ->

Pro Tip 4: Here is a podcast I did with Aiden, talking about how he has built his whole junk removal business on the back of realtor and property management referrals.  

Property Managers

Same deal as Realtors, but often a more direct link right to corporate-level clients. You will be their go to when they have a tenant eviction, or if people leave a bunch of furniture behind when they move. 

Property management companies with a lot of doors can be GREAT clients and referral partners to land, so make sure to treat the little ones you land at the beginning well, and word will spread. 

NOTE: You may have to work on NET30 or NET60 terms, but once you get the flow going, it’s no big deal. 

Your “Competition”

A common factor in companies that are crushing it is that their best referral partners are COMPETITORS in the local market. You read that right. People in the same service area, in the same niche. 

I’m a firm believer that there is enough work for everyone and that we all grow together, but for those of you who don’t believe this, let me break it down for you.  

Other junk companies may prefer only certain types of jobs, so you could be the solution they have been looking for so they dont have to say NO to clients. They can just pass them over to you. 

They could be bigger than you, and not want the jobs that you LOVE when you are just starting out. Or perhaps they are a smaller company who can’t handle the big jobs, and would LOVE to have someone in their corner to call on to handle the big project and split the job. 

Maybe they have a truck go down, and can’t service a full day of appointments? (this one actually happens a lot) It looks a lot better to still be able to take care of clients by having you come in and save the day, right?

Get out there. Connect with other companies in your market.

Get over your scarcity mindset, if you have it, and embrace the “competition” who can turn into your biggest allies and referral partners if you let them.

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Storage Unit Companies

These companies are literally built around housing peoples junk. Out of sight out of mind, right? Well it’s not uncommon that people default on their monthly bill, a tenant dies, or someone moves and cancels their unit, not cleaning it out. While some of the units get auctioned off, many times, the storage company just wants the unit cleaned out. 

If the storage unit company has you in their back pocket, now you have a straightforward job at your disposal (pun intended 😉)) Ask them if you can put your yard signs out front as well, and drop off some rack cards they can give out to customers.

Shed Builders

Shed builders or companies that sell sheds usually install the sheds as well. 

What happens if there is an ugly old shed that the homeowner wants to be removed before the new one arrives? 

Often shed companies don’t want the hassle of scheduling their own team to go out there and do the demo and cleanup. They are in the business of building, not light demolition. 

Once you show them value, shed builders can be a great source of shed removal jobs.

These jobs are also great for upsells because think about it – what are sheds for? Storing stuff, and usually, they are full of useless stuff that hasn’t been looked at in forever. 

It can be stressful for many homeowners to clean it out before the new shed comes in, so now, voila! You have a shed cleanout AND demo job you can take care of. 

Hot Tub Companies

Hot tub companies don’t want to mess with getting rid of the the old one before they install the new hot tub. Having a dependable partner to do the job can help them avoid delays and keep their teams focused on what matters, installing hot tubs. Pool companies can also be a great source of leads as they may be coming in to install an inground pool and tasked with removing an above ground pool. Don’t overlook companies that sell outdoor saunas either!


I used to work in construction and one of the most annoying things when the team was on a tight schedule, was the dump run because it took able-bodied workers off the job.

If you can connect with contractors focused on keeping their teams busy, you can get some great jobs for construction debris cleanup, dumpster rentals, demolition, and more. 

Often times, connections like these can turn into steady, recurring work for you.


HVAC and Plumbing Companies

Ever think about how annoying it is for an HVAC tech to burrow their way through an overstacked basement to get back to the heating or cooling unit way in the furthest corner?

One of our clients connected with all the local HVAC companies in his area, and now that HVAC company does not service their clients till they call for junk removal or clean it up themselves. No more stumbling and tripping over years of accumulated junk on the way to the job  – junk removal to the rescue!

This works the same for plumbing companies. They may need to access parts of an overstuffed basement and can refer you to sort out the mess before they get there. 

Flooding due to leaking pipes is another solid reason to refer a junk removal company to lend a hand.



I know many haulers who have full-time contracts for their trailers/dumpsters with roofers and contractors. Their job is to keep a regular dumpster or soft-wheeled dumpster (trailer) on site. 

One guy I know even put his contractor’s company branding on a couple of his trailers. That is additional signage the contractor does not have to pay for and is mobile. The junk hauler is giving a ton of value to that contractor while he’s getting paid. 

Think he will ever get passed over for a new dumpster company? Nope. 


Kitchen and Bath Contractors/Demo Companies

Remodeling and Demolition companies are always on a time crunch and demo is often the first phase of any project. The faster they can complete their portion of the project, the faster the project can move to the next phase. 

At a minimum, you could be hired for the debris removal, but if you offer demolition as a service, they may sub out those jobs as well. We have gotten quite a few jobs helping prep the bath or kitchen for the remodleing crew to come in and refit everything. 

Think about it, we have the tools, skills, crew, and take care of all cleanup and disposal – why WOULDN’T they want us to help out? 

These connections are CRUCIAL for the winter months as the residential junk removal side of the business slows down. 


Restoration Companies

After a major fire, storm, or sewer backup, homeowners can be a bit traumatized by what may look like a total loss. They want to get on with their lives as soon as possible and appreciate responsive service. Restoration companies need someone they can call to be on a job in an hour or the next morning. They cannot wait to be “put on a schedule.” 

Time to swoop in as the junk removal superheroes we are. But remember, you have to build these relationships


Probate and Estate Lawyers

Probate and estate lawyers often handle cases involving wills and the division of assets after an individual passes away. Frequently, this process involves clearing out homes or properties, which can accumulate a significant amount of junk or unwanted items. By partnering with a reliable junk removal company, these lawyers can streamline the cleanup process, providing a smoother experience for their clients during a difficult time.


Estate Sale Companies

Similar to the estate lawyers, these are the companies on the front lines that are hired to come into a house, get everything ready for an estate sale, and deal with cleanup after. Often they hire a dumpster or a junk removal company to come in after the sale to clean up anything that didn’t sell. These are some good people to connect with. Everyone loves cleaning up estate sales, what could be better than hot leads from someone who just wants to move on to getting the next house ready for the sale?

Event Planners and Local Event Venues

Ever been to a wedding or party? Ever helped set up or tear down? Then you KNOW there is a ton of stuff that needs cleaning up after the event. Connect with your local even companies to see how you can support them. It won’t be every event, but there will be times they are in a schedule pinch, need to clean up a venue, don’t have time to do it before their next event, and would pay just about anything to have someone come in to solve the issue for them. 

Be that someone for them. Prove your worth. Be there when they need it. 

I know Matt Fitch had some haulers who did a party cleanup of jello pools in the middle of the night after a party was done. For good $$$ too! 

What about people who organize concerts? Some of those could use a hand cleaning up the fields after. It could be you. 

Don’t overlook your local event venues, either. They have people who independently book the space, and having someone they can refer to those clients after an event can be a great source of referrals. 

Moving companies

They move a lot of stuff. But they might not be hired to move all of it, as people often leave things behind in their houses. They might also need some extra man power on some bigger moves. You never know what could come out of this. Similar niches, but they are stuck trying to NOT break things, while we can toss those bad boys right into our trucks 😉 

Cleaning Companies & Janitorial Services

Cleaning companies and janitorial services regularly face the biggest messes out there. If the filth exceeds what they can do, they will need to outsource the bigger or heavier stuff. You can do their furniture, appliance, or office equipment removal. Some big jobs are hiding here. 

Networking Groups

BNI (Business Networking International) and the Chamber of Commerce are excellent places to build your referral network. These organizations bring together professionals in your area from different industries. Then educate and uplift each other. 

The mixers provide a business-focused environment where you can share your elevator pitch. Then listen as others share their pitches and offer suggestions. As you meet people, the rate of referrals and unexpected opportunities grow. 

Facebook Groups

There are many local community groups on Facebook that have grown REALLY big. I always jump in those groups and then add the admins as a friend. If you can build a relationship with them, you can take things a step further than being “that business” that is always posting in their group. See how you can turn them into raving fans of your service, and soon they will be tagging you when they see people needing help with jobs in the area. Relationships are everything guys and girls, leverage them.

I know some groups where the admins may be open to you paying a monthly fee to be able to advertise your services more often than maybe some other companies would be. 

Waste Management Companies

Waste management companies are often strictly regulated, but there are times where you may be able to support them.
If someone is getting rid of an item that does not pose a health hazard and won’t fit in a weekly tote, it is junk. The waste management company often won’t remove that. 

PRO TIP: See if you can drop some cards off that the trucks can carry on the job, and attach to large items that they have to reject. 

Questions To Ask Other Companies When Building Your Referral Network

To become part of their referral network, here are some questions to ask:

  • Are they allowed to refer junk removal companies to the public?
  • Do they have a preferred vendor list? If yes, how do you get on it?
  • Can you leave your rack cards or business cards on the counter?
  • Do they have a public online forum where you can help answer questions from the public?

Pro Tip: This is a bit off-topic, but … Get in touch with your local dump or transfer station to see if you can negotiate your dump fees. It’s often possible and can save a ton of money in the long run. It came to mind while I was thinking about waste management, so I thought I’d share.

Landscapers and Tree Companies

Landscapers can be great referral partners. They often need things hauled to or from job sites. For example, if you have a dump trailer, hauling topsoil, is a great way to help out and fill your schedule spaces, especially when you just get started.

They also get to see people’s yards, and may be able to point them in your direction if the client wants to clean things up to keep up with the nice new landscape job.

Having a good landscaping company in your referral network is a good idea for your business as well. After you clean up the junk, your client may need assistance to freshen up the area, and a good landscaping partner is just the ticket.

Also, who are we kidding? When yards are wet, sometimes we get the trucks stuck, tearing up a nice lawn, and being able to call in a favor with a quality landscaping company is never a bad thing. 

Tree Removal companies need your help too. Especially around storm time, junk removal can be a great addition to a tree company’s team. Because they are so busy getting to the actual trees and doing the technical removal work, if they can have someone come behind to remove debris/do cleanup, that’s a huge win for them.

Office Space Providers

As businesses move in and out of office spaces, large quantities of old furniture, equipment, and waste may need removal. These jobs can lead to a lot of referrals down the road as well, because the types of people involved in these establishments often have more like it, or know people needing good junk removal services.

Power Washing

Power washing companies see client’s homes up close and personal, and in the process, they see a lot of other work that can be done outside their scope but would make the owner happy. While talking to their client, they may pick up on the fact that the old shed doesn’t need washing; it actually just needs to be torn down. 

Wait a minute! They have a solution for that. YOUR junk removal company. 

This connection boosts the power washing company’s worth and credibility. 

House Flippers

You have seen some of the houses out there that people are flipping. Gross. The flipper may be an investor who subcontracts all the work. In that case, you can bet that they would love nothing better than to have a solid partner for that part of the job. Great opportunity to land demolition jobs as well. 

Home Staging Companies

This ties back into the real estate world, but when preparing a home for sale, stagers often need to remove old furniture and clutter. A junk removal service can handle this aspect efficiently and save them a bunch of trips to the dump.

Furniture Stores & Other Box Stores

A large majority of the population who buys a new couch or fridge does not have a truck to remove the old one. If you can prepare flyers and take them to your local furniture or box store, they can give them out at sale to clients so they now have an option for getting rid of the old appliance or piece of furniture. 

Level Up Your Business

Keep doing what you can on your own (website, blogging, SEO, Google My Business, etc.), but it is time to branch out. To take your business to the next level, you need to master the art of “the referral.” A referral network grants access to customers you would not have had otherwise.

IF you read this whole thing, kudos to you! 

I appreciate your attention and want you to reach out to me so I can answer any questions you might have, or just be there to pump you up in your networking adventures. 


Consistency Is Key

This whole referral thing only works if you are consistent with it. Once you have established a relationship with a partner, touch in with them at least monthly. They are human. Humans forget things easily, no matter how much we love them. Stay top of mind by reaching out at least once a month with a quick email/text/gift card – anything to ensure they have you top of mind when they need you. 

If you are not making a plan to reach out to the types of businesses mentioned above, you are planning to fail at the referral game. This is a super intentional game that must be played every day. Clients of ours that get the best results are the clients who make a point to make connections either daily or weekly. Yes, some people I have coached reach out to at least one new referral partner a day. You should too.

Wrapping up

ESPECIALLY when you are just starting out; you have more time than money. Creating relationships with other business owners in niches you can complement with your hauling and removal services doesn’t cost a lot. 

Any businesses that I missed? Drop me a line with a referral partner you use, (shoot email to and if it’s a great one, I’ll shoot you a $50 gift card. 

I will address how to get BACKLINKS out of these partnerships in a future article. If you don’t know what they are, backlinks can be super powerful for helping your website dominate the local area, and all these partners you just made can be super helpful on that mission. So don’t throw away their contact info. I’ll have you digging it out to get back in touch with them to add more value to their ecosystem and yours. 


And finally. Need help with your marketing? I gotchu. Logos, Websites, SEO, we have you covered. Would love to chat and see if we fit what you need. 


Till then, I’ll see you out in the field, farming those referrals!

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