Top 10 YouTubers in Junk Removal to Follow for Learning the Craft

There’s not many better ways to learn your craft than by following those that are experts in the field, especially if they have been on the same journey as you.

It’s one thing to listen to online marketing gurus and coaches, but many of them don’t know about the daily ins-and-outs of running a junk removal business. (We do of course ;), but we also own and operate a Junk business).

You can find a lot of generic business and marketing information online, but YouTube is a fantastic place to learn how to run a better junk removal business. (Despite what many in the groups say, there are some nuggets you can learn from here.) That’s why we’ve handpicked the 10 top YouTube channels to follow to learn more about growing your junk removal business.  We have presented them in no particular order of importance below. If you have a channel that you want featured, drop us a line at

Let’s get started. 

1 – Junk Squad

Junk Squad

Based out of St Charles, Missouri, Junk Squad is a junk removal business that originally formed from a service offered in their landscaping & hauling business. 

Junk squad posts very regularly, both long form videos and shorts, covering topics such as growing your junk business, delegating jobs, and general day to day life hauling junk.

Their videos are entertaining and information, and an interesting look behind the scenes of different junk removal jobs.


2 – Clean Junk Removal

Clean Junk Removal

Carlos from Clean Junk Removal, based out of Oklahoma City, posts a couple of videos every month and they are often entertaining and informative, showing what it’s like running a new junk removal business.

The first video from Clean Junk Removal was from November 2022, when Carlos first started his business.

While there isn’t a huge amount of videos on the channel yet, Carlos does a great job showing viewers how he manages his new business and he appears to be doing a great job for someone new on the scene.


3 – Daniel The Dumpster Helper

Daniel Dumpster Helper

Daniel The Dumpster Helper actually runs a dumpster rental business in Lafayette, Indiana, but he also covers some junk removal situations on his YouTube channel. He provides some great insights into marketing, dealing with customers and day to day challenges in junk removal and dumpster rental.

Daniel does a great job educating viewers and has been running his channel for over 2 years now so there is plenty of great information on his channel about owning and operating your own business.

4 – Clutter Reduction Junk Removal

Clutter Reduction Junk Removal

Chris from Clutter Reduction Junk Removal has been running his junk removal YouTube channel for about a year now. He covers day to day life running his business, located in Palm Beach County, Florida, and covers all sorts of topics to help both consumers and business owners.

Chris does a great job documenting his journey, showing the ups and downs of being a first time business owner in Junk Removal Services. 

Chris was previously a mover who branched out on his own in the junk removal space. This goes to show absolutely anyone can do this, so make sure you give Chris a follow and see how he is growing his junk removal business.

5 – Camo Crew Junk Removal

Andy Weins Camo Crew

Andy and the team from Camo Crew Junk Removal in Butler, Wisconsin, create some fantastic videos showing how they overcome difficult junk removal situations. They also publish some great motivational, business, and marketing related content.

Andy appears to be active in many spaces around business and motivation, including running training events and a podcast.

Make sure you tune in to Andy and you’ll be sure to pick up a heap of tips to help grow your junk removal business.

6 – Legacy Junk Removal

Legacy Junk Removal

Servicing parts of Los Angeles, Ricardo and the team from Legacy Junk Removal showcase all sorts of different junk removal jobs.

Having started Legacy Junk Removal not long ago at the end of 2022, Ricardo gives insights into running a junk removal business and gives great tips for those just starting out.


7 – Steezy Flips

Steezy Flips

The Steezy Flips channel is branded as a side hustle and financial freedom channel, but the majority of the videos cover his junk removal business journey. 

Steezy Flips gives some great insights into running a profitable junk removal business, do yourself a favor and go check out his channel.


8 – Fly by Junk Haulers

Fly By Junk Haulers

Sky Lane from Fly by Junk is quite the entertainer and he has some pretty slick edits on his YouTube channel. Sky covers various unique and challenging junk removal jobs, as well as publishing videos about running a junk removal business successfully.

If you want to see interesting junk removal scenarios and witness the ups and downs of a business owner, Sky Lane’s channel is both entertaining and informative.


9 – Sonoma Strong Hauling and Junk Removal

Sonoma Strong Hauling and Junk Removal

By far the biggest and most followed channel on this list, Husband and Wife team Matt and Jojo give you an inside look into the life of running a family owned and operating junk business.

Matt and Jojo have been publishing for over 4 years now so they have a huge catalog of videos you can watch to learn more about running a highly profitable junk removal business.


10 – Andrew Thompson Jedi Junk Removal

Andrew Thompson

Andrew from Jedi Junk Removal claims to have made $1million in revenue in his first year in the junk removal business. We’re not here to verify his claims, but there is no doubt that he runs an amazing business and is a very intelligent and hard working individual.

Coming from a Software Engineer background, Andrew covers a lot of the tech behind running a junk removal business.

Andrew Thompson’s channel is quite different to the rest on this list, which is one reason why we highly recommend you take a look.


Bonus – Blue Crocus Solutions

Blue Crocus Youtube Channel

Of course no list of YouTube channels to follow would be fully complete without mentioning our own channel – Blue Crocus Solutions! 

We do a lot of interviews with industry leaders and create regular tutorials on different ways to start, grow and scale your junk removal business.

We’d love to see you over on our channel soon! Drop by and subscribe to the channel.



It’s important to remember that not all advice is good advice so when watching influencers, gurus and business owners on YouTube, take everything with a pinch of salt.

Eventually, you’ll start to know what’s good advice and what‘s bad advice, and the most important lessons you’ll learn will come from being out in the field and hauling junk!


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