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The Ultimate Guide to Junk Removal Marketing

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If junk removal is your business, then you know how lucrative it can be if the leads are flowing through. But in order to generate leads for your junk removal business, you need to get your marketing and advertising right.

Times are rapidly changing and the digital space is slowly making older advertising methods redundant, but some of them are still effective.

Let’s explore the different ways that you can advertise your junk removal business, starting with the best free ways, followed by paid methods of advertising.

Free Ways to Advertise Your Junk Removal Business

They say that nothing in life is truly ‘free’, and that is correct to a certain extent. Generally when you are undertaking free advertising and marketing methods for your business, you will pay with your time. Or perhaps the quality of leads will not be as strong as those you might get with paid advertising.

Nevertheless, you can certainly generate plenty of leads with free methods so let’s dive in and review them.

Social Media Platforms

If you want billions of eyeballs on your business, social media is the place to be. Some platforms will take more effort than others but regardless, you should at least be present on some of them.

Junk Removal on Facebook
Integrity Junk Removal on Facebook

At the very least you should be posting regularly on Facebook and Instagram, and if you want to really step your game up you should consider posting regular videos to YouTube and TikTok.

A great place to pick up business on social media is in Facebook Groups. Join local community groups, business groups and buy and sell groups. 

Post in the groups, without coming across as being spammy, and participate in local community groups. You will eventually get noticed and start to become the go-to local business for junk removal.

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Yelp is a huge business directory that offers free listings, so it’s worth putting yourself on there to help expand your digital footprint.

Yelp for Business

Yelp is one of the largest online directory sites and even though they offer free listings, they make their money by upgrading businesses to ‘premium’ listing options. This isn’t always worth it, but its something to consider as your business grows.


Craigslist is probably the first place that springs to mind for many contractors and local businesses wanting new customers, but be prepared to wade through some pretty low quality leads. When you’re first starting out there is no harm in trying but more often than not, you will decide that Craigslist is not your ideal place to get new leads once you start to get busier!

Next Door is a bit of a newcomer on the scene, and it seems pretty great. They are predominantly a mobile app. The entire premise of the app is to build and connect local communities together, and that includes a big focus on local business. They have a great local business section where you can create a free profile.

Nextdoor for Business

Make sure you create your free local business profile over on Nextdoor.

Your Own Network

Tapping into your own network of friends, family, and professional associates can be very powerful. Word of mouth recommendations are the lifeblood of a business and they don’t cost you a cent.

Referral Program

Offering referral incentives to past customers and the local community can be a great way to give your referral business a boost. While it does technically cost you money, because you will be paying a referral, you don’t need to fork out the money up-front and it’s a business you probably wouldn’t have picked up in the first place.

Networking Groups

Local networking groups like BNI are a good place to meet other local business owners that can help send you new business. 


The key with networking groups is to dedicate the time on a consistent basis and help fellow business owners. The reciprocation will follow, you just need to invest time into networking.

Call Complementary Businesses

Very much similar to the other free advertising approaches we discussed, calling businesses that complement yours is a great way to grow your junk removal business.

Think of local businesses like realtors, cleaning companies, tree lopping companies and more. They offer a service to customers that are likely to also need junk removal services.

Letting the Neighbors Know

You might not like hitting the street and knocking on doors, but if you’re doing a job in an area then you’d be wise to at least knock on a few surrounding doors.

The script is easy.

“Hi Mr/Mrs Neighbor, just letting you know that some homeowners on your street have trusted us with their junk removal needs, so here’s our business card in case you need the same service at some stage in the future”.

Just a polite, quick hello and introduction. That’s it. Do it regularly, and do a great job for your customers, and you’ll soon become a household name.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is probably the quickest way to grow your business, but it is going to cost you. It is money well spent but we understand that running a junk removal business brings with it many costs, so spending money on advertising might not be possible at times.

When the time is right, we recommend considering the following paid advertising methods for your junk removal business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’ve ever heard of SEO, you might be saying “but isn’t Google traffic free”? And you’d be correct.

The thing is, proper SEO requires good content, website optimization, Google business optimization and more. These activities cost money.

If you want to get organic traffic from Google searches then getting a reputable company to provide SEO services for your junk removal business is an investment that will help grow your business drastically. 

Once the leads start rolling in, they generally snowball and you’ll be inundated in no time (if your SEO has been done correctly).

Google Ads

Running ads on Google is one of the best ways to get hot leads for  your junk removal business. What makes them so good is that the prospects we pull in with Google ads are the ones specifically searching for the services you offer.

Think of it this way. Someone goes to Google and searches for for “Junk Removal [your suburb]”, with the right Google Ads campaigns you can ensure that you are position at the top of the Google search results page.

Google Ads for Junk Removal

Here you can see a search for “junk removal erie co” shows three ads. This is why Google Ads are so powerful.

Plus, you only pay for the ads when people click your ad. 

Facebook & Instagram Ads (Meta Ads)

Meta Ads are a little different to Google Ads, but they are still a fantastic way to get in front of new customers on social media with your junk removal ads.

With Meta Ads you can target certain areas and choose the image or video you want to display on the news feed, in the right hand column, in stories, and so on. There’s a heap of different places you can show your ads on the Meta platforms.

The main difference here is that you are “interrupting” people’s scroll, so to speak, so the leads you obtain on social media are not necessarily looking for your services at that particular moment like they would be when they are doing a Google search.

This doesn’t make Meta Ads any better or worse, they’re just different yet still highly effective when done correctly.

Yard Signs, Mailbox Flyers, Door Hangers

Old school, yet still effective (to a certain extent). Yard signs are great to expose your brand to the local area where you’re currently working, and dropping some flyers into mailboxes or distributing some door hangers can also work. 

The one consideration here is, however, how much are the junk removal signs and flyers going to cost you and could that money be better spent on a digital marketing campaign?

Food for thought.

Lead Generation Websites

Proceed with caution when looking at sites like Angi, Home Advisor and Thumbtack. They can most definitely work, but you may end up paying for leads that are also given to competitors. If you are considering paying for a home service listing or lead generation website, make sure you read the fine print and don’t get yourself locked into any long-term contracts.

Coupon Websites

Groupon is probably the biggest one, and there are others like Local Flavor and Entertainment (the book).

Groupon Junk Removal

Coupon and discount websites and promotions can certainly bring in some business, but you might find that they are bargain hunters and may not be overly loyal repeat customers.

One great thing about getting jobs though is that you can leverage off your presence in the area. This brings us to our next point.

Vehicle Signage

It might not be cheap, but the return on investment you get from having your trucks plastered with your company branding is huge.

Junk Removal Vehicle Signage
Impressive vehicle signage from our friends at Vets Haul Junk

Make your company vehicle branding as bold as possible. You want to stand out and people in the areas you’re working in need to be able to see a quick and easy way to contact you.

Radio, TV & Press

You might be able to pick up a package deal with your local radio or TV stations, but these really are old methods of advertising. It’s hard to beat digital marketing which is why a lot of the old school media outfits have either died out or turned to offering digital advertising packages.


Having a website is an absolute must, but having an expertly built and optimized website is essential for the success of your junk removal business.

If you invest in all of the forms of marketing and advertising that we’ve discussed in this article, you’re throwing your money away if you don’t have a superior website.

When building a website for your junk removal business, you need to ensure it is built for speed, optimized for mobile devices and designed to capture leads efficiently.


Matt Fitch of On-Demand Marketing is seeing success in PR Marketing and Backlink Building Strategies pitching stories to media outlets with national media exposure for his brand, and his clients.

Wrapping Up

There’s a lot of ways to advertise your junk removal business, and we don’t advise trying to do absolutely everything at once.

Start with one or two methods and add more as your time and money situation allows it.

Employing professionals to handle your junk removal marketing is highly advised, otherwise you’re just gambling and you risk losing your hard-earned money.

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