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FREE PDF - 8 ways to make more $$$ from your GMB

Your Google Maps Listing is a very important tool to help you grow your business. The stats are that 70% to 80% of the people searching for a service will call or email one of the top 3 listings that show up for them. We have put together a guide to help you power up your Google Business Listing.

While we can't promise that implementing the tips and tricks included in this guide will get you to one of those spots tomorrow, it will help you move up the ranks and get more business.

Just enter your info, and BOOM! It's yours. (we won't spam you with 500 emails a day, we promise, cross our hearts)

As an additional service, if you want to see how your listing shows up relative to the competition, email lewis@bluecrocus.ca, and we will give you a FREE AUDIT that lays out exactly how your listing ranks in the area. We will make you a 5-minute, personalized video showing you how you are positioned in your market and giving you some actionable steps to improve your business.

To get your free GMB audit, simply type FREE AUDIT in the subject line, provide details of your listing so we can find it, and hit send.

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Take a Look at how we Built out a Junk Company in 4 months using ORGANIC Methods

A few things you will learn:

  • Website Optimization Tips
  • Google Business Listing Tips
  • On the Ground Marketing Tips
  • Using YouTube to get leads
  • Making more Money WITHOUT having to pay $1000s right when you are getting started