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Why Professional Website Design Matters

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You only get one chance to make a good impression. Professional website design makes that happen.

It is more than pretty colors, moving gifs, and sales pages. A professionally designed website will:

  1. Capture your customer’s attention
  2. Hold their attention
  3. Make the sale a no-brainer
  4. Turn the customer into a repeat customer.

Sounds like a lot?

It is.

A professional website design will:

  • Be easy to use (functionality)
  • Provide content for all stages of your sales funnel
  • Be pleasing to the eye
  • Guide your customer to the next step effortlessly

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One Shot at a Great First Impression

You have less than 15 seconds to capture someone’s attention and make a great first impression. If you don’t do it in 15 seconds, the customer will bounce away from your website. Then look at the next one on the search results page.

Jon Lister from Elite SEM shared the importance of “bounce rate” at an e-commerce conference:

Focus on “dwell time” (how long site visitors spend with your content). Creating quality content is extremely important. Google cares about how deep people navigate into your site and whether they hit the back button. Worst of all, when they return to the search results page because they didn’t find the information they were looking for.

You want a low bounce rate. A low bounce rate indicates the website is functioning smoothly. You know you hit the right balance of content and style that resonates with your customer.

A high bounce rate means your website has structural and content issues.

Professional Website Design and Brand Positioning

Your website is the primary tool to position you as the most qualified to solve your customer’s problems. A well-planned, professional website will build up your customer’s faith in you. This enhances your reputation and puts you on the map as the business to beat.

Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness answers the question, “Do your customers know you?”.

Ask yourself, “Would you rather go to Starbucks or the local coffee shop for your daily cup of joe?

Your local coffee shop may have the best muffins and roast their beans to perfection. But have they marketed their brand to show their superior coffee prowess?

Not likely.

Starbucks has. When you see the green mermaid, you know what to expect, what
the product does, and the general pricing.

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