How Local Business Can Learn from Marketing Legend Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu is often considered one of the most influential people in digital marketing, but he’s not an influencer. He even said so himself.  

He’s got over 70k Twitter followers and a whopping 780k followers on his verified Facebook profile, but you won’t find him posing in front of a Lambo or flashing stacks of cash to impress the masses. 

Dennis Yu Twitter Profile

What you will see Dennis doing is creating a movement that educates, inspires and empowers people to start their own business and make a living in the digital world. 

Originally touted as Facebook Ads expert, Dennis Yu has graduated to become somewhat of an industry legend and a philanthropist of sorts, helping thousands learn the skills required to succeed in the world of online marketing and business building.

Let’s learn a little more about Dennis Yu’s background and experience, before we explore how you can use his teachings to give your own local business a leg-up against your competitors.


Who is Dennis Yu?

Dennis Yu is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of digital marketing education and advertising firm Blitzmetrics. He also co-authored the best-selling book “The Definitive Guide to TikTok Ads”, and he hosts the Coach Yu show where he interviews experts and extracts their knowledge for the benefit of the wider marketing community.

In addition to being a prolific content creator across numerous social channels, Dennis is also a contributing writer to various high-profile publications such as Adweek, Social Media Examiner, and Business 2 Community. 

In more recent times, Dennis has been putting a lot more emphasis on his mission to create a million jobs through partnering with, educating and hiring digital marketers with varying skill levels from all different walks of life. 

Yu has been promoting his “million jobs” mission in countries like Pakistan, where there’s an abundance of talent yet the opportunity and education is somewhat limited. 

Dennis Yu Twitter Post

Part of Dennis’ mission is to empower workers in places like Pakistan to start earning $500 per month online, which is considered a liveable wage.

Dennis Yu Twitter

But don’t be fooled by his ever-present influence on Social Media, he doesn’t just sit behind a computer tweeting his wisdom all day. 

Dennis is on the road a lot.

According to his bio on his personal website, Dennis has spoken at over 750 conferences in 20 countries and has flown a whopping 6 million miles in the past few decades educating and speaking about creating success as a business owner. 


How Can Dennis Yu’s Strategies Help My Local Business?

We’re all about local business marketing here at Blue Crocus Solutions so when we come across a marketing visionary like Dennis Yu, we always try to extract ways that our own customers can benefit.

Here’s a few of Dennis Yu’s strategies that can help local business owners excel:

Facebook Dollar a Day Strategy 

Perhaps one of Dennis’ most well-known advertising strategies, the FB Dollar a Day strategy is suitable for both beginner and expert media buyers alike. 

The strategy focuses on using the Facebook algorithm to launch low-budget, content-driven ads on Facebook. The strategy has a focus on quality over quantity, building trust and authority with your audience, rather than gambling big budgets with a splatter-gun approach.

Digital Plumbing

This might sound unusual, but the name makes complete sense. When you’re marketing your local business online, be it with SEO or Google Ads, you need to ensure all the pipes are connected and flowing properly so you can effectively track your website traffic.

Setting up tracking on your website, your digital plumbing, involves using technology such as Google Tracking Tags (GTM), the Meta Pixel (Facebook Pixel), and Google Analytics. 

When your digital plumbing is working correctly you can track, measure, and analyze your audience which helps you improve your overall marketing and ultimately, leads to more sales.

Personal Branding

Building a solid personal brand can be a huge asset for your local business. Not everyone wants to be at the forefront of their company brand, which is understandable, but putting a face to the name can help skyrocket your reputation and before you know it, you’ll be hiring more staff to handle the growth of your business.

Dennis Yu is a huge advocate of utilizing the power of Social Media to grow your personal brand alongside your company brand.

Blitzmetrics Personal Branding Framework

Dennis Yu & Blitzmetrics Personal Brand Framework

This doesn’t mean you just post everything on your personal social profiles and neglect your business page. You need to create content and assets to distribute strategically across channels for both your personal brand and your business.

Dennis is big on creating valuable content for business because it creates long-term, raving fans and positions you as a respected authority in your market. This is why we love doing SEO for local business’ here at Blue Crocus. There’s no better feeling than helping create local heroes that dominate their market.


How Can I Implement These Strategies Into My Business?

There’s an old Confucius saying that goes “the man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.” And this is a principle we recommend following when it comes to your local business marketing.

Don’t run off and try to start a TikTok channel, a blog and a Pinterest account all at once. You’ll be spread too thin and you will eventually just give up, achieving nothing (catching no rabbits).

The only way you can effectively tackle a multi-channel marketing strategy is by outsourcing. That’s why companies like us exist, to help business owners like you generate leads.

If you want to implement the strategies that we’ve covered so far, here’s the bare minimum, “must have” things that we recommend for your local business:

  In addition to the above, and when time and/or resources permit, you should also consider the following:

  • A relevant and targeted Google Ads strategy
  • Facebook, Instagram and/or Tiktok for videos and personal branding

If you would like to discuss any of these strategies for your own local business, please feel free to contact us here to arrange a free consultation.

As a final tip for your business, you should consider volunteering your time speaking to local schools or community groups about entrepreneurship and business building. 

Dennis has taken this approach and while he doesn’t generally charge for his speaking appearances, being present and front-of-mind is what has helped grow Blitzmetrics and his other coaching and education businesses. 

Doing the same, on a local scale, will help you grow and position you as a trusted household name in your industry.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dennis Yu

Here’s some common questions and answers about Dennis Yu.

What is Dennis Yu’s Net Worth?

We don’t know and quite honestly, we don’t care! The value and the impact he has brought to the digital marketing scene is invaluable. Dennis is a life-long teacher and for everything he has done for the online community, we couldn’t care less if he drove a Ferrari or a beat up old Camry, and neither should you! 

Where Can I Learn More From Dennis Yu?

The Blitzmetrics Academy is the perfect place if you want to learn more about what Dennis teaches. The courses are easy to digest and affordable, too. 

Blitzmetrics Academy

How Can I Connect With Dennis Yu?

You can find Dennis on these Social Media profiles:

Dennis Yu Speaking on Stage

Dennis on-stage teaching how he uses Zapier in his marketing


Even though Dennis Yu lives a modest life and doesn’t post glamor shots in front of private jets, the impact he has made in the online world is immeasurable. 

And it goes to show that while he doesn’t necessarily focus on local business in all of his teachings, his approach and strategies to growing an online business can be transferred to any type of business.

We hope that you enjoyed this review of Dennis Yu and the value he has brought to the world of online marketing. We encourage you to take these tips and implement them into your own local business, today!

As always please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Blue Crocus if you want to discuss taking your business to the next level.

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